Using your card

Where to use your card

In addition to being used as an identification card, your SFU ID card can be used for quick and convenient payment at a number of vendors on campus.


You SFU ID card is also your Library card. Your Library barcode number is different from your student number. It appears below your name in small print, directly above the barcode on your student card.

Your borrowing privileges will depend on whether you are an SFU student, staff or faculty member or an external borrower. Please see Borrowing Library Materials for more inform

Dining Services

Mandatory meal plans

For residents of Doris and Jack Shadbolt House, Barbara Rae House, and Pauline Jewett House, purchasing a meal plan is mandatory. The meal plan is automatically charged to your student account. You can upgrade your meal plan or add Dining Dollars at any time throughout the term online at Dine on Campus or in person at the Dining Hall front reception. There are several meal plans available.

Voluntary meal plans

Residents in buildings other than those listed above are eligible to register for a meal plan. Registration can be done at the Dining Hall or online. The same meal plan procedures apply for all SFU residents.

All residence students must abide by the SFU Residence and Housing License Agreement and adhere to all their regulations at all times while on a meal plan.

  • Once your meal plan payment has been confirmed, your ID is activated and provides unlimited access to your meal plan.
  • The SFU student ID card is the sole method of payment accepted for meals purchased under a meal plan and must be shown at each use.
  • If you do not present your SFU student ID card to pay for your purchase, you must use another form of payment (cash, debit or credit) which will be additional charges at your expense.
  • If you forget, lose or deactivate your SFU student ID, you will be required to use another payment method until you obtain a replacement SFU student ID from Registrar and Information Services. Replacement fees may apply.
  • All meal purchases are final once a transaction is approved. If you use a payment method other than your student ID card to purchase a meal (including cases where your student ID card is lost or stolen), the amount of the payment cannot be applied to your meal plan.

For more information about meal plans, visit Dining Services

Recreation and athletics


If you meet the Recreation membership eligibility criteria and you have completed the liability waiver online, you will have your Recreation membership automatically linked to your SFU ID card. You do not need to visit the Recreation Office.


Your Recreation membership will be linked to your SFU ID card. You must visit the Recreation Office to complete the activation process.


Your Recreation membership will be linked to your Fraser International College (FIC) card.


An Athletics and Recreation Membership ID card will be produced for non-continuing SFU staff and faculty, and members who are not affiliated with the University. This may include alumni, UniverCity residents, and the general public. These cards will be produced at the Recreation Office and will include the member's photo and a barcode for scanning purposes

Learn about SFU Recreation

Caring for your card

Your SFU ID card is designed to last a long time. It is one of the most important pieces of identification you will carry during your time at Simon Fraser University. Take good care of it!

  • Do not tamper with your photograph or any information on your SFU ID card.
  • Keep it away from sources of heat.
  • Keep it away from keys or anything that can scratch it. Scratches may make the barcode or magnetic strip unreadable. Also, if the writing is no longer legible, the card may not be accepted.
  • Remove it from your pocket before washing and drying your clothes.
  • Do not bend it or punch holes through it.
  • Do not lend your SFU card to anyone. You are responsible for all transactions on it, authorised or not.

Adding funds

Your SFU card is linked to an account. The balance declines as you use it. You can add funds whenever you want.

The card allows you the convenience of using just one card to make purchases on campus. Be sure to check out the list of locations where you can use your SFU card.


You can add funds to your card in person at Dining Services. Just bring your SFU card and make your payment using:

  • cash
  • debit card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • certified cheque
  • money order


Need help managing your finances? See the Financial Aid and Awards website or meet with a financial aid advisor.

Money orders

Make certified cheques or money orders payable to Dining Services. Cash deposits or certified cheques and money orders deposited in your card account at Dining Services must be in Canadian funds.