What exactly is my “course load”?

Your course load is the number of units you’re registered for in a given term.

The recommended course load is 15 units per term (which equals 30 units per school year), when you're on track to completing an undergraduate degree in four years. Since one course at SFU is generally worth three units, the recommended course load for timely degree completion is five courses per term.

No two students are exactly the same, nor will they ever be at the exact same point in their own undergraduate journeys. As such, your educational needs, learning objectives and even life circumstances can evolve throughout your studies, while your course load decisions change along with them.

bulb-61 The best course load?

Having the best course load simply means finding one that gives you balance in life both on and off-campus, while pursuing your academic, professional and personal goals. Instead of asking what's "best" for you, start asking what's "right" for your needs!

bulb-61 Meet with an academic advisor

An Academic Advisor can help you navigate course loads as they relate to your educational goals. They'll help you see the bigger picture when planning your academic journey!

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