Admission appeals

Reasons for appealing an admission decision

  • You have extenuating circumstances which impacted your ability to meet the university's admission requirements and can provide evidence to support the appeal, such as:
    • Medical Grounds: A health care practitioner must provide a letter/form
    • Compassionate Grounds: Provide documents supporting travel for attending to family emergencies. These can include death certificate (see note below), published obituary, police report, fire report, victim impact statement, completed insurance forms, airline ticket, flight boarding pass (a screenshot is acceptable), and/or a statement from your health care practitioner, if applicable.
    • Other Grounds: Provide documents attesting to and explaining the circumstances in detail.
  • You believe there was an error in processing your application

Admission appeals not considered by the board

  • Any appeal with no new evidence to support the appeal.
  • Dissatisfaction with University policy, including, but not limited to:
    • Not meeting the competitive admission average/score
    • Not satisfying the course requirements for a program or faculty, etc.
    • A failed year or failed course(s) at another post-secondary institution which impact(s) your overall admission average/score.
  • Failure to meet published deadlines.

How to apply for an admission appeal

  1. Download the Senate Appeals Board Non-Disciplinary Action appeal application form.
  2. Write a letter of appeal indicating new or compelling reasons for appeal consideration.
  3. Gather the documentation related to your request for appeal.
  4. Email the form, letter and documentation to

Please note: Admission appeals must be submitted within 21 days following the receipt of an admission or readmission decision. Please allow ten business days for a response to your appeal.

All supporting documents must be submitted in English. It is your responsibility to have all documents officially translated. We also advise to keep all your documents for your own records.