Advising services

Completing a university degree takes commitment, and how you define academic success will be up to you. In preparing for every milestone along way, an academic advisor provides assistance for students to reach their goals.

Review information about courses, outline and class notes for information about remote learning components, class schedule changes, course cart, and synchronous/asynchronous formats.

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Academic Advising

Academic advisors provide a confidential service to students. Advisors and students work together to develop a plan or strategy designed to achieve academic success.

Connect with an academic advisor

Plan your degree

Discuss your course planning and progress early and often with an academic advisor, whether you’ve already chosen a major or are just exploring degree options.Whether exploring degree options or a degree path has already been determined, discuss course planning early and often with an academic advisor. 

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Academic Self-Serve Resources

Online, 24/7 services include goSFU Student Centre; CGPA calculator; official and unofficial transcripts; help videos.

Academic Concessions

Academic concessions are granted when unexpected situations or circumstances prevent students from participating in course-related activities, which could include missing a class, or completing graded work or exams. Situations or circumstances that may call for an academic concession include illness, accident, family situation, and similar unanticipated changes in personal responsibilities that create a conflict, or warrant particular compassion.

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Book an appointment

Connect with a general advisor from Student Services or an advisor from a specific faculty. Not sure who to connect with? Start here. 

Sign into advisor link to book an advising appointment with an advisor from your success team.