Term Fees

Students voted in the SFSS and GSS referendum and the U-Pass BC referendum question passed with the new U-Pass BC term fee schedule. As a result, the U-Pass BC term fee will be the following:

U-Pass BC term fee

Term Eligibile months Term fee
2023 Fall September to December $180.40
2024 Spring January to April $180.40
2024 Summer  May to August $184.00
2024 Summer - Intersession May to June $92.00
2024 Summer - Summer Session June to August $138.00
2024 Fall September to December $184.00
2025 Spring January to April $184.00


U-Pass BC fees must be paid in the same manner as all SFU fees. See how to pay your fees.

Refunds for U-Pass BC

If your eligibility status changes within the term from eligible to not eligible, you will receive a prorated refund for the current and any future months that you are no longer eligible for the U-Pass BC Program as long as you have not requested the U-Pass BC for the current month.