How to enrol

How to enrol in classes

  1. Sign into goSFU with your computing ID and password.
  2. Check your enrolment appointment under the enrol in Classes menu option.
  3. Check the Course Catalog to see if you have prerequisites for the courses you are planning to enrol in.
  4. Check the time, day, and location of your courses in View Schedule of Classes.
    1. We recommend allowing 90 minutes to travel from one campus to another if you plan to take courses offered at different campuses on the same day.
  5. enrol in classes on your enrolment Appointment date.
  6. The course cart becomes available 2 weeks prior to the start of the enrolment period.

You can continue to add or swap classes until the end of the first week.

You may drop classes after enrolling in them, but you should be aware of the potential academic and/or financial penalties, depending on when you drop a course. See deadlines for information about penalties.

After courses are added, swapped, or dropped, always check your Schedule of Classes to see if those courses were successfully added, swapped, or dropped.

First time enroling in classes? 

See the step by step guide for new undergraduates.

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How to add classes

Enrol from course cart

Student in Surrey cohorts

Students in Surrey cohorts (TechOne or Explorations) are normally expected to be enrolled at a minimum in their cohort core courses for each term of the cohort program. See more information on enroling in Surrey courses.

Please see your cohort advisor if you have any concerns about your enrolment.

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Course load

What is a full course load?

If you have a requirement to be a “full-time” student, you will need to enrol in at least three (3) courses (9 units). However, 15 units (typically five courses) is generally considered a full course load.

You must ensure that you are enroled in enough units to meet the requirements specific to your situation, as the requirements vary for financial aid, student visas, entrance scholarships, etc. For more details, see the relevant pages in the Academic Calendar.

Is there a maximum or minimum course load?

If you are a newly admitted student, you must complete at least ONE course in the term you are admitted to. If you do not complete a course, your admission to SFU will be forfeited. If you cannot attend classes during your admit term, you will need to drop all courses to avoid potential financial penalties and reapply to SFU for a future admission.

At SFU, you are free to enrol in any course you wish, provided you meet the prerequisites and there are no further restrictions on the course. In general, students enrol in 1 – 5 courses per term.

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