Improving Our User Experience – We Want to Hear from You!! – April 2021

March 17, 2021

One of the Total Compensation team’s goals for 2021 is to continue to improve our user experience (UX).  In alignment with the VPFA mission to provide exemplary service, the Total Compensation team is looking for areas we can enhance UX.

In 2020, we completed 2166 requests through projects, re-orgs, and regular business.  We have received a 65% increase in re-org and regular business requests over the last 3 years, which is an all time high for us!  What makes this even more exciting is that we decreased our turnaround times from 44 workdays to only 32 workdays during the same period.

Total Compensation is motivated by these successes and is striving to do even better.  We are working on tools, resources and training options for leaders, but this is where you come in, we need your feedback to help us reach our goal of enhancing our UX.  To do this, we have come up with a quick 2 min survey that will help us identify what is important to you.  Check out this link to provide your very valuable feedback now.   

Next time you reach out to Total Compensation you will also receive a 5-star customer service scale in our auto-reply ticketing system and our team’s emails, please let us know how we did, by simply clicking the link and clicking a star 1-5.  If you would like to rate us now, click here.

Thank you!