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February 16, 2022

Total Compensation announced we were set to launch learning models in the New Year.  Well, it’s the beginning of 2022, and the wait is over! We have 4 modules live in Canvas.  Through these modules, the goal is to build awareness and understanding to support leaders with creating effective job descriptions which are a foundation to accurate job evaluation, candidate attraction & selection and career development.


Intro Video: Total Compensation 101 (approximate completion time = 7mins)

This module is a 7-minute video describing SFU’s Total Compensation program.

From Old to New: Transposing Job Descriptions to the current SFU JD Template (approximate completion time = 10 – 40 mins)

This Canvas module is designed to walk leaders and employees through the process of updating their Job Descriptions by using the new template found on the website

Job Descriptions 101 – APSA, Excluded & POLY (approximate completion time = 1.5 hours)


This module in Canvas incorporates gives detailed instructions on how to complete each section of the current SFU Job Description template.

Job Description Content, Hay overview & Tools: Deep Dive (approximate completion time = 1.5 hours)


In this module you will learn how to generate content for Job Descriptions, what questions evaluators ask when reviewing a JD and learn about other SFU tools and resources we have to aid in writing fulsome Job descriptions.



Korn Ferry Hay Methodology

This module will cover everything an employee or leader would need to know about Job Evaluation for our APSA and Excluded positions.