Research Aims

Graduate Research Aims

  • Research in technology in its contexts, particularly the computation that drives much current technological development
  • To understand how people invent, design, make, manage and learn about technology

  • To create, demonstrate and use new technology in society and industry, particularly in creative industries

  • To develop and refine research methods and designs suitable for interdisciplinary inquiry

SIAT Fosters dialogue and shared work around its core ideas of design, interactivity, art, computation and technology. Its program, faculty and facilities enable students to explore, engage and develop their research methods and focii.

We are a lively and growing intellectual community of over 150 faculty and graduate students. Unique to North America, our interdisciplinary program fuses perspectives from Art, Design and Science.

We focus on new technology and its transforming effects on society, especially on interactive systems for work, play and learning. We pursue advanced knowledge. We seek to understand how and why people create and use new ideas, systems, designs and art forms. We create serviceable knowledge. We develop, test and evaluate innovative forms of new technology.

If you want to learn about technology and develop an expertise in how we make and use it, and if you enjoy working with a vibrant and diverse group of faculty and fellow students, our program is for you.

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→ SIAT Research Colloquium

The Graduate Research Colloquium aims to be a forum for the building of community, for exposure to diversity of research work & methods, and for fostering understanding of disciplinary commonalities and differences. SIAT is a strongly interdisciplinary and collaborative programme and the Research Colloquium aims to reflect this by exposing faculty and students to a broad range of approaches to research in the areas of Interactive Arts, Design and Technologies.