Teaching & research interests

  • My Cognitive Science research seeks to understand human reasoning in information-rich responsive environments.
  • My design research guides development of  interactive visualization systems that support individual and distributed cognitive processes in specific applications for the benefit of society.
  • My teaching focuses on integration of perceptual, cognitive, and social science knowledge in design
  • My community service supports science policy at NSERC, human performance at Defence R&D Canada, entrepreneurship at EUREKA Eurostars, and integrated cognitive and information system design in IEEE Computer Society VGTC.

Brian's research

My research takes a cognitive science approach to the design and evaluation of information systems that support human understanding and decision-making. These systems support innovation in personalized health, aircraft safety analysis, space object detection and classification, and emergency management.  I am a Fellow of the Psychonomics Society, and serve on the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Defence R&D Canada's Human Systems Performance Network of Expertise, EUREKA Eurostars Expert Panel, the IEEE VAST Steering and VIS Executive Committees. I will co-Chair VIS 2019 in Vancouver.

In addition to my SFU roles I am an Affiliate Professor in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Associate Director for the Media And Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre (MAGIC).

More information can be found on my LinkedIn page.

The Interaction Science Research Group

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Current & upcoming courses

Future courses may be subject to change.