Naomi Loo

First Year Student Advisor Recruiter

Naomi Loo

First Year Student Advisor, Recruiter

Naomi can help with

  • Undergraduate academic advising
  • TechTeams
  • Tours for prospective students
  • Questions for students considering SIAT

First Year Student Advisor

Contact Naomi if you are a current student and have academic advising questions, or if you are a prospective student interested in SIAT.

  • Advises registered undergraduate students of the academic requirements for School of Interactive Arts and Technology degree programs, specifically first year students in IATOne.
  • Organizes student engagement events
  • Active students – course add/drops, registration problems, degree requirements and checklists, letters of permission, academic advice,  academic appeals, concerns or complaints related to program delivery, academic difficulties and referrals to other support services at SFU
  • Prospective Students – please email Naomi at for further information about our program and for setting up a SIAT tour. You can also speak to the SFU Surrey campus recruiters available Mondays and Thursdays from 2-4pm. For more information, email or visit