Afshan can help with

  • Career coaching and job-readiness skills for undergraduate students majoring in Interactive Arts and Technology
  • Vetting and posting of co-op opportunities
  • Supporting current co-op students and employers during co-op work terms

Co-op Coordinator (acting)

The SIAT Co-op Coordinator supports current undergraduates majoring in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology by providing them with job-seeking workshops, one-on-one advising, and online courses to effectively secure co-op placements.

While on co-op placements, the Co-op Coordinator typically conducts face-to-face site visits with students and employers, ensuring work placement objectives are being met and providing guidance and resources as needed.

Prospective employers can connect with the Co-op Coordinator to explore their readiness and fit for the SFU Co-operative Education program and potentially develop their talent pipeline via the Co-op Program.