Research at SIAT

What is SIAT?

The School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary school with a focus on technology and the human experience. Research in the School is characterized by the four major themes of Computing, Media, Design, and People. We claim that we do Computing as if People, Design, and Media mattered, which is to say that we do work in each of these historically separate fields of research and scholarship in a way that integrates knowledge and expertise from the other disciplines. 

Who is SIAT?

SIAT faculty come from a diversity of academic disciplines, including Computer Science, Engineering, Human Factors, Art, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Film, Photography, Dance, Animation, Anthropology, Psychology, and English.

Our specialized areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Interactive Computing (visual analytics, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, tangible interfaces, virtual reality, game design and technology, and other themes)
  • Media, Visual Arts and Performance (performance technology, interactive animation, interactive environments and installations, game narrative, film and video, audio/music, digital curation, and other themes)
  • Design (parametric design, sustainable design, interaction design, game design, museum design, design for children and the elderly, and other related themes)
  • People (cognitive and perceptual psychology, history, anthropology and ethnography of media, chronic pain management, and health data management