Jim Bizzocchi

Professor Emeritus

Research interests

  • Future of the moving image
  • Interactive narrative
  • Ambient video
  • Video installation art
  • Generative video art

Research and Art Creation Program

My active research and creation program concentrates on two broad areas:

  • the future of the moving image
  • interactive narrative and generative narrative

My research in both these areas examines how technology is changing the poetics - the design - of media experience. My research methodology is "close-reading" - the detailed observation and analysis of exemplary media artifacts.  

My art creation program complements my scholarly research. My ambient artworks test and extend key research concepts from my study of the evolution of the moving image. My generative video sequencing system is a computational expert system that incorporates standard human editing practices.

I am the Principle Investigator for the Generative Media Project, funded through the SSHRC Research-Creation program. My work in this project includes scholarly research, development of generative video sequencing systems, and the creation of linear and computationally generative video art.

For more information, visit my website: www.ambientvideo.ca

Teaching and grad supervision

My teaching has included several critical directions:

  • Narrative
  • Video production
  • The design principles of digital media forms

I am retired, and am not teaching any regular classes. However, I continue to work with selected undergraduates and grad students on Directed Studies courses that complement my own research and artistic interests.

I will also continue to  supervise graduate students whose interests align with my own.

If you believe your interests do align with my own, and are interested in graduate studies or Directed Studies, contact me at jimbiz@sfu.ca

Selected publications & exhibitions

Academic Writing

  • Bizzocchi J., Lin, B., and Tanenbaum, J., "Games, Narrative, and the Design of Interface", International Journal of Arts and Technology (IJART), Special Issue on: "Interactive Experiences in Multimedia and Augmented Environments", eds. Teresa Romão and Nuno Correia, Vol. 4, No. 4, 2011, pages 260-277.
  • Bizzocchi, J. The Aesthetics of the Ambient Video Experience, Fibreculture Journal, 2008, Issue 11, <http://journal.fibreculture.org/issue11/issue11_bizzocchi.html>
  • Bizzocchi, J., Games and Narrative: An Analytical Framework, in Loading: the Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association, July, 2007, vol. 1, #1, pgs. 5 - 10.

Art Exhibition

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