Spring 2023 Project Showcase

Welcome to the Spring 2023 SIAT Project Showcase! Explore some of the projects created by SIAT students throughout the semester by clicking on the links below. Projects ranged from short films, animations, digital games, apps, interactive artworks, and more.

Decipher - Design Educators Research Conference (Microsite) →

By: George Lin, Bali Oberoi, Oliver Taw, Jerry Li, Raza Shabih-ul-Hassan
Course: IAT 438 User Experience Design

Harmony (VR Experience) →

By: Stephen Kerschbaumer, Gabriel Kwong, Yiming Zheng, Emmanuel Castro, Rohan Samuel
Course: IAT 445 Immersive Environments

Beyond Borders (Interactive Video) →

By: George Lin, Adrian He, Alex King, Andrew Ang
Course: IAT 343 Interactive Video

Exposure (Interactive Video) →

By: Xinran Han, Xiandong Lyu, Ka In Huang
Course: IAT 443 Interactive Video

Axis Consulting: Design Evaluation + Website Redesign →

By: Karishma Sen, Joanna Lee, Rain Mutlu, Sofia Eduque, Bill Gao
Course: IAT 432 Design Evaluation

Junior Naloxone Kit (critical design project) →

By: Kitty Cheung, Karina Ibrayeva, Paola Ortiz, Adrian He
Course: IAT 431 Speculative Design

Easy Accounting (application) →

By: Han Yan, Baolati Pazeli
Course: IAT 359 Mobile Computing

Plantvatars (APPLICATION) →

By: Wallace Chau, Owen Chan
Course: IAT 359 Mobile Computing

RunItUp (Android app) →

By: Olivia Steed, Agastya Oruganti
Course: IAT 359 Mobile Computing

To the Otter Who Snuck Into the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Garden and Ate All the Koi (video poem) →

By: Trisha Wong, Derian Sera, Emmanuel Navas
Course: IAT 344 Moving Images

In One's Dream (ANIMATION) →

By: Xinyi Wang, Ally Woroniuk, Hao Nguyen, Jan Le
Course: IAT 343 Animation

Monster: Short Film (animation) →

By: Rebecca Wong, Tina Kardan, Enoch Hsieh, Yuxuan Chen, Ricky Lin
Course: IAT 343 Animation

POV: You're a Karamatsu Girl (ANIMATION) →

By: Trisha Wong, Aakash Gupta, Fiona McCauley, Luke Do, Ryan Tsang
Course: IAT 343 Animation

Sprinkles & Spills (ANIMATION) →

By: Huiqing Niu, Ibraheem Rezwan Azad, Yilan Lu, Summr Usman, Mitchell Myers Newsome
Course: IAT 343 Animation

Butterfly in stomach (sound sketch) →

By: Xinran Han, Minyang Zhang
Course: IAT 340 Sound Design

Rhythm Hell: Karamatsu Cooking (SOUND SKETCH) →

By: Trisha Wong, Luke Do
Course: IAT 340 Sound Design

The Sweet Spot Website Redesign →

By: Sorren Jao, Bill Gao, Marcus Chan
Course: IAT 339 Web Design and Development

HealthConnect (App) →

By: Olivia Steed, Clark Tanquerido, Fathima Tabassim
Course: IAT 334 Interface Design

Turquoise Goat Trading Cards →

By: Alyssa N. Umbal, Nathan Cerone, Taylor Ann Liu, Kirsten Wong
Course: IAT 333 Interaction Design Methods

Main Character Development (visual novel) →

By: Trisha Wong, Ben Djukastein, Josh Ma, Jerick Reimond Erice
Course: IAT 313 Narrative and New Media

The Apartment (narrative game) →

By: Jessy Huang, Renee Sun, Nika Styk, Kitty Liu
Course: IAT 313 Narrative and New Media

Circuit Cubed (interactive learning aid) →

By: Mackenzie Scholz, Triane Tambay, Aakash Gupta, Kobe Stimpson
Course: IAT 267 Introduction to Technological Systems

Blossom (pavilion design) →

By: Haofei Han, Zekun Wang, Vito Fan
Course: IAT 233 Spatial Design

PALETTE (interactive artwork) →

By: Haofei Han, Chuqiao Zhong, Le Xu, Fanqi Sun, Zekun Wang
Course: IAT 222 Interactive Arts

Plant Symphony (interactive art) →

By: Jessica Aurelle Chen, Ariel Tsang, Catherine Kehan Xu, Ellie Kim, Triane Tambay, Zhaniya Yeltindinova
Course: IAT 222 Interactive Arts

Match Fixing (game) →

By: Tiffany Jiazhen Wu, Hyeonseob Yang, Jasper Wang
Course: IAT 210 Introduction to Game Studies: Theory and Design

(un)finished (short film) →

By: Arousha Mohammad-Hassani, Isabelle Labelle, Katelyn Tra, Yasamin Ketabchi
Course: IAT 202 New Media Images

The Thief (game) →

By: Haofei Han
Course: IAT 167 Digital Games: Genre, Structure, Programming and Play

Abyss (visual narrative project) →

By: Keyaan Vegdani
Course: IAT 100 Digital Image Design

Moonlight Sunrise Kinetic Typography →

By: Keyaan Vegdani
Course: IAT 100 Digital Image Design