Convocation Spotlight: Aleeze Asif

June 22, 2021

About Aleeze

My journey at SFU started in the Spring of 2017 at the Beedie School of Business. It wasn’t until I began taking SIAT electives that I realized how much I enjoyed creative work. Eventually, I began seeing design as a career path for myself and officially joined the SIAT program in the Spring of 2018.

I spent the next year honing my skills and applying for internships until the Summer of 2019, when I (finally) landed an internship in Toronto at RBC as a UX/UI designer.

When I’m not in Studio B working on projects, I enjoy playing the guitar, going on hikes and listening to music!

What was your favourite SIAT course or instructor?

SIAT professor Will Odom’s teaching style never fails to inspire students to bring their A-game. I utilized everything we learned in IAT 333 (Interaction Design) in my internship at RBC and his invaluable feedback and mentorship pushed our Graduation Project to the next level. His passion for design is contagious!

What was the highlight of your undergraduate career or your best learning experience?

The Seattle Field Trip for IAT 233 (Spacial Design) with Russel Taylor and IAT 499 (Graduation Project) under the mentorship of Will Odom stand out the most in my time at SIAT. Being pulled out of my comfort zone and thrown into an unfamiliar, yet carefully curated learning experience helped me grow and learn insane amounts in just four months.

What did you enjoy most about the SIAT community?

What makes SIAT’s community unique is that you don’t necessarily need to join social clubs or attend events to mingle and become a part of it. I have met some of my closest friends working and/or unwinding in the design studios. We learned so much from each other (you know who you are 🙂 ) and I have no doubt that we are all better designers for it!

What is next on the horizon for you after graduating?

In the Summer of 2019 when my internship at RBC was coming to an end, I was offered a full-time UX/UI Design position pending my graduation. I started working at RBC in Summer of 2020 and this year I moved to Toronto to continue my work with RBC while exploring more of Canada!

Any advice for incoming students considering SIAT?

Learn to be kind to yourself and to move on when making mistakes and facing setbacks. It will build up your confidence and help every SIAT kid’s impostor syndrome problem.