Explore the Surrey Community Open House SIAT Project Demos

October 28, 2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the SFU Surrey Community Open House! Learn more about some of the student projects that were on demonstration at the event.

Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself

By: John Desnoyers-Stewart

Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself is an immersive experience created to remind immersants of their fundamental connection to humanity and the  universe. This hybrid VR artwork brings two people together in a surreal cosmic experience shared with an anonymous stranger. Their bodies are transformed into constellations surrounded by a myriad of orbiting stars whose lifetimes unfold before their eyes. They can play with their galaxy’s gravitation by moving around, interact with the stars as if splashing in a cosmic ocean, or simply watch as eons flash by in seconds. By reframing the body in a shared aesthetic, this unique experience encourages immersants to see each other in a common light, as “star-stuff” brought to life.

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By John Desnoyers-Stewart, Noah Miller, Patrick Pennefather, Bernhard Riecke

Synedelica reimagines what is possible with immersive technology, providing a new perspective on reality. In this synesthetic mixed reality experience, visuals of the real world are modulated by sound, attuning immersants to the beauty hidden in the seemingly mundane. Synedelica shows the world in a new light, rekindling childlike wonder and encouraging exploration.

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By Alissa Antle (project lead), Alyssa Wise, Amanda Willis, Min Fan, Jillian Warren, Allen Bevans, Aaron May, Saba Nowroozi, Perry Tan Rachael Eckersley, Anna Macaranas

Youtopia is a collaborative learning activity that runs on a hybrid tangible and multi-touch digital tabletop where kids and adults can explore and experience the challenges of sustainable land use planning. Youtopia was developed by Dr. Alissa Antle and the TECI Lab team as a research instrument in which we proposed a new model of persuasive game design and investigated research questions around two topics: design to support collaborative play and design to support reflection on values, in this case, values that impact sustainable land use planning.

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Course: IAT 499 Graduation Project

By Asher Damla, Emmanuel Navas, Nazanin Boroumandzad

In Emendavimus, we explore a future where a technological revolution is nigh and cyborgs are the majority. You must take on the role of a cyborg that has been tasked with deciding the fate of an injured human child. After considering the benefits and drawbacks of each side, you must choose to either save the child by allowing them to retain their humanity, or by turning them into a cyborg.

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Dear Van Gogh

Course: IAT 499 Graduation Project

By Avril Yang, Tianxin Xue, Thomas Tran

Dear Van Gogh aims to put focus on the brotherly relationship between Vincent and Theo Van Gogh through a virtual medium. Through the triumphs, struggles and distress that both Vincent and Theo went through together, we hoped to showcase the struggles Vincent Van Gogh went through to become the world’s arguably most renowned artist was not a journey that he went through alone. You as the player walk through some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular paintings in the form of an explorable environment, discovering artifacts of Vincent Van Gogh’s past. Through narrative and dialogue between Theo and Vincent Van Gogh we get to learn about the events that were going on in the brother’s lives at the time the painting was created.

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Course: IAT 336 Material in Design

By Avril Yang, Thomas Tran, Tianxin Xue, Linda Li

Lampanella is a flexible compact lamp designed for students to carry around and use as a source of light in the context of working and video conference calls late into the night.

Legacy of the Rift

Course: IAT 410 Advanced Game Design

By Erika Wang, Hanna Luu, Mark Robles

Legacy of the Rift is a 2D, narrative-driven action-adventure game that allows players to switch between Lokir, Halvar, and Ursa Ironhand - siblings, all of whom possess magical powers that provide distinct utility in battle. Join the Ironhands in their quest to find a cure for a deadly undead plague that ravages the continent of Wulfgard!

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Egg Knight

Course: IAT 410 Advanced Game Design

By: Karson Nguyen, Catelyn Sue, Matthew Yang

Egg Knight is a 2D action roguelite game, set in a medieval food-based fantasy following Sir Loin, a fearless and loyal Egg Knight, after being betrayed by his fiance—King Eggon IV's daughter, Lady Eggna—who stabbed Loin in the rear shell and then usurped the throne from her father. Left to die in the forest, Sir Loin is saved by the ghost of the late Queen Eggitha and sets on an epic quest to defeat Lady Eggna and her food goons, putting an end to her tyrannical reign and restoring peace to the kingdom.