Convocation features

October 03, 2023
SIAT students Shayla Pal (left) and Clare Huang (right) graduate this week with bachelor degrees.

Two graduating Interactive Arts & Technology students share their diverse experiences at SIAT and offer advice to new students.

While at SIAT, Shayla and Clare were able to deep-dive into subjects they were passionate about while exploring and gaining experience in a wide range of topics and skills. Shayla and Clare share the unique opportunities they explored while completing their degrees, their favourite courses, and some of their most memorable moments at SIAT!

Shayla Pal

Shayla Pal graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in media arts.

Shayla had always loved to draw and joined SIAT because she wanted to work in a  creative field after graduation. While at SIAT, she was able to explore animation and storytelling, as well as areas she wasn't as familiar with like game design, coding sound design, website-making, and more.

"One of my biggest reasons for joining SIAT was that I wanted to do something creative with my career. It was exciting to be able to see the many different things that could be done in the program. I especially enjoyed anything where I got to draw or tell stories such as the film and animation courses."

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Clare Huang

Clare Huang graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Arts & Technology with a concentration in design.

Clare developed an interest in design in high school and decided to pursue a degree in Interactive Arts & Technology to deep-dive into design while gaining experience in a range of interdisciplinary subjects. Throughout her degree, Clare completed several co-op internships working in roles such as UX researcher and UX designer. She also immersed herself in the SIAT community volunteering with Frosh and Eunoia design hackathon.

"I think what’s so unique about this program at its core is the SIAT community and how so many people are willing to lend a helping hand and go above and beyond by reaching out with awesome, cool, and interesting opportunities."

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