SIAT researchers present studies at top HCI publication venue

May 17, 2024
Audience at the CHI 2024 conference in Hawai'i.

From May 11th to May 16th, many members of the SIAT research community presented their new papers and innovative research at the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference on human-computer interaction (HCI).

The annual CHI Conference, which took place this year in Honolulu, Hawai'i, is the top venue for publication in the field of HCI and the SIAT community was well represented at the conference. Over thirty SIAT faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students presented ten papers and three late-breaking works.

Additionally, several researchers also presented papers at CHI workshops throughout the week, including the Generative AI and HCI workshop and the EmpathiCH: Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual workshop.

The work presented by SIAT researchers was diverse, multidisciplinary, and featured a wide-range of research focused on designing, studying, and improving computer systems and technologies that people interact with.

Studies presented at the conference included research assessing the design of a multimedia-enabled 911 app to a paper that explores designing sound that supports personal and social experiences of reminiscence for people with blindness.

Learn more about the papers and works presented by SIAT researchers at the conference through the comprehensive list below.

Image from "Capra," a work that Capra explores and unpacks tensions around designing technology that can be unobtrusive while we are in nature and, when we return home, makes space for interpretive, reflective (or non-use) experiences. Researchers: William Odom, Jordan White, Samuel Barnett, Nico Brand, Henry Lin, MinYoung Yoo, Tal Amram.


''I Call Upon a Friend'': Virtual Reality-Based Supports for Cognitive Reappraisal Identified through Co-designing with Adolescents

Researchers: Alexandra Kitson, Alissa N. Antle, Sadhbh Kenny, Ashu Adhikari, Kenneth Karthik, Artun Cimensel, Melissa Chan

"I Call on a Friend" paper

Presentation video

Capra: Making Use of Multiple Perspectives for Capturing, Noticing and Revisiting Hiking Experiences Over Time

Researchers: William Odom, Jordan White, Samuel Barnett, Nico Brand, Henry Lin, MinYoung Yoo, Tal Amram

"Capra" paper

Presentation video

Supporting Cognitive Reappraisal With Digital Technology: A Content Analysis and Scoping Review of Challenges, Interventions, and Future Directions

Researchers: Alexandra Kitson, Petr Slovak, Alissa N. Antle

"Supporting Cognitive Reappraisal" paper

Presentation video

Multimedia-Enabled 911: Exploring 911 Callers’ Experience of Call Taker Controlled Video Calling in Simulated Emergencies

Researchers: Punyashlok Dash, Benett Axtell, Denise Y. Geiskkovitch, Carman Neustaedter, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

"Multimedia-Enabled 911" paper

Presentation video

Remembering through Sound: Co-creating Sound-based Mementos together with People with Blindness

Researchers: MinYoung Yoo, William Odom, Arne Berger, Samuel Barnett, Sadhbh Kenny, Priscilla Lo, Samien Shamsher, Gillian Russell, Lauren Knight

"Remembering through Sound" paper

Presentation video

Better Definition and Calculation of Throughput and Effective Parameters for Steering to Account for Subjective Speed-accuracy Tradeoffs

Researchers: Nobuhito Kasahara, Yosuke Oba, Shota Yamanaka, Anil Ufuk Batmaz, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Homei Miyashita

"Better Definition and Calculation" paper

Presentation video

EyeGuide & EyeConGuide: Gaze-based Visual Guides to Improve 3D Sketching Systems

Researchers: Rumeysa Turkmen, Zeynep Ecem Gelmez, Anil Ufuk Batmaz, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Paul Asente, Mine Sarac, Ken Pfeuffer, Mayra Donaji Barrera Machuca

"EyeGuide" paper

Presenation video

The Effect of Latency on Movement Time in Path-steering

Researchers: Shota Yamanaka, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

"The Effect of Latency" paper

Presentation video

Charting the COVID Long Haul Experience - A Longitudinal Exploration of Symptoms, Activity, and Clinical Adherence

Researchers: Taha Liaqat, Jessica Pater, Shaan Chopra, Jeanne Carroll, Juliette Zaccour, Fayika Farhat Nova, Tammy Toscos, Shion Guha, Fen Lei Chang

"Charting COVID" paper 

Presentation video

From Exploration to End of Life: Unpacking Sustainability in Physicalization Practices

Researchers: Tatiana Losev, Luiz Morais, Georgia Panagiotidou, Sarah Hayes, Rebecca Noonan, Uta Hinrichs

"From Exploration" paper

Presentation video

Researchers in SIAT are working with youth to investigate the use of digital technologies to support the development of emotion regulation skills in their study ''I Call Upon a Friend'': Virtual Reality-Based Supports for Cognitive Reappraisal Identified through Co-Designing with Adolescents." Researchers: Alexandra Kitson, Alissa N. Antle, Sadhbh Kenny, Ashu Adhikari, Kenneth Karthik, Artun Cimensel, Melissa Chan.

Late-breaking works

On the Design of Quologue: Uncovering Opportunities and Challenges with Generative AI as a Resource for Creating a Self-Morphing E-book Metadata Archive

Researchers: Sol Kang, William Odom

"On the Design of Quologue" paper

Presentation video

Virtual Games, Real Interactions: A Look at Cross-reality Asymmetrical Co-located Social Games

Researchers: Alexandra Kitson, Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn, Eric J Gonzalez, Payod Panda, Katherine Isbister, Mar Gonzalez-Franco

"Virtual Games, Real Interactions" paper

Presentation video

An Autoethnographic Reflection of Prompting a Custom GPT Based on Oneself

Researchers: Priscilla Lo

"An Autoenthnographic Reflection" paper

Presentation video

Papers presented at CHI workshops

Seizing the Means of Production: Exploring the Landscape of Crafting, Adapting and Navigating Generative AI Models 

Researchers: Ahmed M. Abuzuraiq, Philippe Pasquier
CHI workshop: GENAICHI 2024 Generative AI and HCI workshop

"Seizing the Means of Production" paper

Empathy through Aesthetics: Using AI Stylization for Visual Anonymization of Interview Videos

Researchers: Ö. Nilay Yalçın, Vanessa Utz, and Steve Dipaola
CHI workshop: EmpathiCH: Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual

Presentation video

Exploring Augmentation and Cognitive Strategies for AI based Synthetic Personae

Researchers: Arias Gonzalez and Steve DiPaola
CHI workshop: Challenges and Opportunities of LLM-Based Synthetic Personae and Data in HCI

"Exploring Augmentation and Cognitive Strategies" paper