Between Dreams and Reality (microsite)

By: Olivia Steed, Diana Tran, Arousha Mohammad-Hassani, Isabelle Labelle, Mackenzie Scholz
Course: IAT 235 Information Design

Project description: Based on the visual directions that were developed over three weeks, this microsite guides viewers through the narrative and process of tapestries from the Hypnopompic exhibition hosted by the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. The tapestries are inspired by the state of sensory confusion between sleep and wakefulness, specifically the eerie creatures and sensations experienced in hypnopompic hallucinations. Each tapestry is based on a specific experience or hallucination, telling a story through its colours, materials, and patterns. Through a guided narrative walkthrough, users learn about the story, process, and materials of each tapestry, enhancing their understanding and appreciation. This process focuses on the intricate details of each tapestry, encouraging viewers to visit the exhibition to view the big picture, once they understand the context and details. The microsite is expressive in type and colour, conveying the exhibition themes.

Project slides

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