Auda: Assistive Device for Under Water Activities

By: Sarah Daniels, Rishabh Johri, Qaoihui Xu
Course: IAT 387 Directed Studies

Project description: Following an inquiry on the Neil Squire Society website forum Makers Making Change, our team of industrial designers took on the task of developing a snorkeling device to assist those who are unable to keep their lips wrapped around a standard snorkel's mouthpiece. As a semester-long project for IAT 387: Directed Studies, our team began the project with extensive background research into the world of snorkeling and the problems our client was facing. We then conducted an iterative brainstorming process, followed by physical and digital modelling that helped us refine our device to its final iteration—a medium+ fidelity prototype made from 3D printed ABS and found elastic.

As part of the design criteria for AUDA, we focused on the repercussions of our design for not just the target audience but the environment in general. In order to make the existing products reusable and repurposed, material and fitting were carefully considered before finalizing the design. Our team also used our business expertise to come up with a business model for the design.

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