Tangerine MortgageSense (web platform)

By: Victoria Maslova, Paola Ortiz, Bryan To, Cora Zhou, Pradeesh Motha
Course: IAT 438 User Experience Design

Project description: Tangerine MortgageSense is a web-based platform designed to help first-time home buyers complete their mortgage journey with ease and confidence. With Tangerine being a fully digital bank, every touchpoint is essential to client experience, yet in the current mortgage application, processes are carried over the phone and email, resulting in delay and potentially compromising sensitive client data. Paired with complicated forms and financial jargon, this can easily overwhelm first-time home-buyers who are committing to one of the largest financial decisions of their lives.

MortgageSense breaks up the process into three easy-to-follow stages—learning, application, and closing—with resourceful sub-steps for home-buyers to complete at their own pace. The learning stage features videos, articles, and tools to help novices demystify the process and financial jargon. The application stage guides committed clients through error-free completion of necessary documents, while providing a secure platform for handling sensitive data between the client and their mortgage advisor. The closing module unveils future steps and financial considerations for finishing the home financing process.

Explore the project slides below and click on the link to see the project prototype:

MortgageSense Prototype

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