Immfinity Biotechnologies (brand book)

By: Emily Quan
Course: IAT 102 Graphic Design

Description: In this brand book project, I undertook a comprehensive redesign for Immfinity Biotechnologies, an established immunotherapy company. The book documents my entire design process, including insights into the brand's visual identity. This identity was carefully crafted through reference research, incorporating elements such as colour schemes, mood boards, and variations of the redesigned logo.

The brand book delves into the rationale behind each chosen element, providing a thorough explanation of their significance. Another aspect of the project is the inclusion of web and print design, showcasing the final applications of the brand. This approach ensures that the brand book not only serves as a comprehensive guide but also as a visual portfolio of the redesigned logo and brand applications. Ultimately, the project aims to present a cohesive and impactful visual identity for Immfinity Biotechnologies through a well-crafted branding book.

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