Bird-Dragon Model (ABM: A Beautiful Machine)

By: Mariam Yarkova, Khanthaphon Othanavathakit
Course: IAT 106 Spatial Thinking and Communicating

Description: This is a beautiful machine developed by our team, taking into account the fact that it can be adapted into a physical model. We took into account that the body of the object would be quite heavy and decided to make the main support of the model strong enough that it prevented the continuation of the beam and stopped the movement of the tail of the model, so we decided to add a gear mechanism that could facilitate the movement of all parts of the model. The model consists of two parts:

  1. complex like a crank that rotates the main rod to move the linkage mechanism with wings and a cam that moves the parallel mechanism of the bird's head

  2. the second consists of a gear mechanism that rotates the side rod and ensures the movement of the tail of the model.

The model was created in the Ring Road and, due to a strike, was not implemented into an actual model. Nevertheless, we took into account the main points that would contribute to the successful implementation of the physical object.