Strange Sounds from Beyond (microsite)

By: Joseph Lee, Caleb Tsui, Michelle Lee, Christina Lee
Course: IAT 235 Information Design

Description: A six-week long team project for speculative client music festival Strange Sounds From Beyond in IAT 235. The team was tasked with creating a unique microsite experience designed for users who are interested in learning about the mashup of artists and event's atmosphere. Over the course of the six weeks, the team developed art direction, graphic assets, userflows, and different lines of investigation for web-based application until ultimately arriving at this final prototype.

The immersive microsite takes the user through Strange Sounds From Beyond, a music festival in Amsterdam that celebrates diverse genres of music such as electronic and experimental music. Our website prototype consists of a landing page, event page, artist page (with sub-section individual artist exploration), and a ticket page.

This final prototype was produced in After Effects.

Interaction Design: Joseph Lee, Michelle Lee
Content Design: Christina Lee, Caleb Tsui