Bomb Defuse Simulator (interactive system)

By: Kento Weil, Michael Kim, Vincent Sam, Jacky Lam
Course: IAT 267 Introduction to Technological Systems

Description: For the final interactive project of IAT 267, our group created an entertaining experience for participants where they were required to complete different modules to defuse a bomb.

Our project had a variety of inputs for the user that were both satisfying to solve and fidget with, such as rotating dials to cut wires projected on the screen, adjusting sliders to solve math equations, a touch sensor used to refill a constantly draining timer, and a light sensor that was used along with a flashlight to maintain a visual bar within a limited range. The randomness present in the wire cutting and math equation modules allowed for replayability. The physical model had sensors directly strapped onto the bomb, sensors that were put onto the computer, and exposed wires in order to create a more authentic bomb defusing experience.