Bad Rabbits (game)

By: Long Nguyen, Trisha Wong, Jalene Pang, Len Wang
Course: IAT 312 Foundations of Game Design

Description: Bad Rabbits is a non-linear, adventure game with five different endgame challenges and three different endings.

You, the player, are a small gray lionhead house rabbit named Gavin currently being taken to the vet via taxi by your owner. As you pull up to the vet’s, your owner hops out of the car to get you out of the backseat—but before they can open the door, the taxi driver takes off at full speed with you still in the back! Realizing that he’s committed petnapping, the driver decides to dump the evidence (you) to absolve himself of guilt, somewhere far away from home. You wind up alone and confused, left in the wild to fend for yourself and find your way home.

Throughout your journey finding your way home, you will encounter feral rabbits that you may choose to befriend. If you choose not to befriend them and proceed alone, getting home is a long and very difficult process avoiding predators and taking care of yourself. If you choose to befriend the feral rabbits however, you discover the existence of the Feral Rabbit Commune (the FRC), colloquially referred to as Furry City. Safe shelter and food are abundant here, as well as many other rabbits like you who were abandoned. They respect your goal to head home, though if you speak to the feral rabbits, they may try to convince you that while living freely may be more dangerous, you have your freedom. You learn that the FRC has been dealing with two especially problematic recurring predators that have been targeting them for generations: a pack of wolves and a hawk. As you explore the area and make new friends, you must constantly be alert to these predators.

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