Dragons & Dungeons (board game)

By: Long Nguyen, Trisha Wong, Jalene Pang, Len Wang
Course: IAT 312 Foundations of Game Design

Description: Dragons & Dungeons is an asymmetric PvP tower defense game where 1-3 players play as dragons running tower defense, fending off waves of human enemies controlled by the opposing player, known as the “Hero”. The "Hero's" goal is to form an army that can survive the dragon’s ambush and steal all of the dragon’s treasures at the ends of the map. Dragons have their own special buffs that can be used to their advantage for different strategies, and they may coordinate with fellow dragons to survive, or play selfishly to earn the title of “The Notorious D.G.N.” by getting the most kills, or “Jeff Drazos” by hoarding the most gold and tower.

Each round, the players can take turns to trade with the DHDS (the market) to get their towers and spells to fortify their defenses, then attack enemies within range. But beware, because the “Hero” will recruit bigger and stronger armies as the game progresses, so plan ahead with your brethren to keep their hands off your precious hoards.

The game is designed for groups of 2 - 4 players with some experience in RPG and tower defense games. Each game takes about 30-60 minutes.

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