Nanachi Fursuit

By: Trisha Wong, Annette Chen, Joanni Sales, Patricia Sugiarta
Course: IAT 336 Materials in Design

Description: The Nanachi fursuit is a full body mascot costume designed to transform the wearer fully into the popular rabbit character Nanachi, from the anime Made in Abyss. This suit was made completely from scratch by our team, from head to toe.

Nanachi is an anthropomorphic animal character with a humanoid body (formerly human transformed) from the anime Made in Abyss. She is called "rabbit-like" by characters in the show and her cuteness and full body fluffiness is also a common talking point by other characters.

1. Ears: made of foam inserted with wires for structure and covered in fur fabric. 2. Head: sculpted with many layers of foam and covered with fabric, eyes were made with vinyl mesh. 3. Torso: made with fur fabric and zipper fastener. 4. Hands: made with fur fabric, silvery grey gloves used for the fingers. 5. Pants: made with various coloured fabrics, sipper fastener, and elastic. 6. Legs: sculpted with many layers of foam and hot glue reinforced with scrap fabrics. 7. Feet: made with EVA foam soles attached to mattress foam to create a boot form, covered with fur fabric. 8. Tail: made with fur fabric filled with stuffing and inserted wire for structure.
Deconstructed suit