Starbound Echoes (immersive VR)

By: Adam Pywell, Terence Xu, Alexia Feijoo, Mohammed Mahmood, Caitlin Chan
Course: IAT 445 Immersive Experiences

Description: The project "Starbound Echoes" is an immersive VR experience that blends exploration with minor game mechanics. Within the interactive journey, participants navigate through memory scenes to retrieve batteries, crucial for restarting the ship's power and reaching the command centre. Developed over two months by a team of five, the project reflects dedication and hard work.

Visit the Starbound Echoes project blog for more information about this project including project documentation and  a written breakdown and explanation of the team's thought process, story building, and how they used Unity to create the experience:

Starbound Echoes project blog

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The team created a compelling video showcasing a walkthrough experience of "Starbound Echoes." The video incorporates Wizard of Oz effects to simulate the intended user experience, offering viewers a glimpse into the immersive and narrative-rich world crafted by the team. The short interactive VR experience encourages players to uncover and piece together the background story as they progress through the environment, adding an element of mystery and engagement to "Starbound Echoes."

Still frames from Starbound Echoes