Match Fixing (game)

By: Tiffany Jiazhen Wu, Hyeonseob Yang, Jasper Wang
Course: IAT 210 Introduction to Game Studies: Theory and Design

Project description: Match Fixing is a game that tests the teamwork of a group given the resources that each player has. The thematic backstory for the game is that a gambling machine located somewhere in Las Vegas has developed sentience without its owner knowing. It thinks that the money should go to the people, rather than to let greedy owners hoard money from the masses. The machine lets players bet on a simulated horse race, and the AI tries to fix the match results to the ordering that the players of the machine bets on. Since the buy-in for the game is high, if the ordering of horses is not matched, the player of the real life machine will fall into crippling debt. Good luck!

Game trailer: