Easy Accounting (application)

By: Han Yan, Baolati Pazeli
Course: IAT 359 Mobile Computing

Project description: Easy Accounting is a bookkeeping application designed specifically for beginners who want to start managing their finances in a planned and reasonable manner. With a minimalistic interface and convenient bookkeeping functions, the app is easy to use and accessible for users who have little to no experience with bookkeeping.

The application includes expenditure and income classification, a map function that allows users to capture the location of their transactions and make receipts more detailed, a calculator for accurate calculations, and the latest financial news to help users stay informed about the market. The app provides an intuitive way for users to view their balance and be more actively involved in bookkeeping and planning in a more convenient way.

Easy Accounting offers an easy, simple, and fast solution for beginners who want to take control of their finances and plan for a better future. With the app, users can get started quickly and easily, without the need for extensive bookkeeping experience or knowledge.

Project slides: