By: Wallace Chau, Owen Chan
Course: IAT 359 Mobile Computing

Project description: Plantvatars is a virtual plant collection and care app aimed at kids who want to learn the basics of plant ownership. The app allows users to create their own avatar for their real-life plant, bringing it into the digital space.

Users can create a customizable avatar and include an image of their real-life plant to associate them together. Plantvatars can be viewed and edited on a virtual collection shelf. Keep track of when to water your real plant, and interact with your Plantvatars by watering them virtually as well. Each Plantvatar has a level and XP points gained from watering and a matching game, where kids can work towards level 50 and gain a golden pot for their Plantvatar. You can also check how much light is in your home by using the environment checker from the main menu, making it easy to find a nice spot for your real plant. Plant care requires trial and error, so the plant graveyard allows users to keep a record of all of their past plants as a memorial.