Axis Consulting: Design Evaluation + Website Redesign

By: Karishma Sen, Joanna Lee, Rain Mutlu, Sofia Eduque, Bill Gao
Course: IAT 432 Design Evaluation

Project description: Axis Consulting is a student-led pro-bono consulting club at the Simon Fraser University (SFU)’s Beedie School of Business. Axis Consulting works with non-profit organizations through many different angles, be it through marketing, data analysis, or strategic decision making. As Axis Consulting works with real businesses/clients, Axis Consulting has been strict with their hiring process of student consultants. They seek to make their website the only touchpoint for prospective student consultants to learn about and to apply to Axis Consulting.

Over the span of five weeks, this project was developed through user research and testing. For the study, the evaluation methods used were heuristic evaluations and usability studies. The heuristic evaluation was used to determine the current state of the Axis Consulting website and to narrow the scope down to what needed to be focused on. The usability studies were used to reaffirm the barriers of the current state as well as to test out the redesign to measure the effectiveness of the redesign.

Project slides:

Figma slide deck

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