Decipher: Design Educators Research Conference (Microsite)

By: George Lin, Bali Oberoi, Oliver Taw, Jerry Li, Raza Shabih-ul-Hassan
Course: IAT 438 User Experience Design

Project description: The Decipher microsite offers workshops on both traditional and digital-to-letterpress printing. The main objective of these workshops is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the tactile quality and artistic expression inherent in traditional letterpress printing. Our objective is to create a pre-event microsite that effectively generates curiosity among first-time users, including designers and hobbyists, to inspire them to register for the workshops.

Our client, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), is a professional organization for designers that focuses on advancing design as a profession, enhancing the value of design, and promoting design excellence. AIGA provides resources, education, and events to support its members and the wider design community.

Explore the microsite prototype:

Decipher Microsite Prototype

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Project slides: