Enrolment Appeal Committee (EAC) terms of reference


The Enrolment Appeal Committee (EAC) comprises of the following individuals:

  • Chair: Associate Registrar, Information, Records & Registration Services (or designate)
  • Member: Assistant Registrar, Senate & Academic Services
  • Member: Assistant Registrar, Registrar & Information Services
    (rotates on an annual basis between the Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver Assistant Registrars, Registrar & Information Services)
  • Member: Associate Director, Graduate Admissions, Records and Registration
  • Member: Associate Director, Student Engagement and Retention
  • Member: Vice-President University & Academic Affairs, Council, Simon Fraser Student Society
  • Secretary (non-voting): Secretary, Information, Records and Registration
  • Quorum for the Committee is three voting members.


The purpose of the Enrolment Appeal Committee (EAC) is to consider appeals for refunds of tuition fees for classes dropped due to extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control. 


The EAC reports to the Registrar and Executive Director, Student Enrolment.

Time Limit

  • Tuition refund requests must be submitted within one calendar year from the term in which the student dropped the class(es).
  • Tuition refund appeals must be submitted within one month from the time the student receives a decision regarding their tuition refund request.


The committee meets monthly.


The decision of the Enrolment Appeal Committee is final.