(WE) Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances 

For the last day to drop courses with a WD notation, and other add/drop dates, visit Academic Dates and Deadlines.

If you wish to apply for withdrawal under extenuating circumstances you must complete this form and attach supporting documentation. If you have questions about the withdrawal process, please refer to Withdrawals Under Extenuating Circumstances. 

You may wish to seek advice from a Student Services academic advisor or your departmental academic advisor

Note: This form is for undergraduate students. If you are a graduate student, please see the Graduate WE page.

WE Application

Personal information

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Term information

Select any financial support you may have received for the term for which you are requesting withdrawal (Check all that applies)

Course details

Example: CHEM 101
Example: CHEM 101
Example: CHEM 101
Example: CHEM 101
Example: CHEM 101

Upload supporting documents

The total size of uploaded documents can be no larger than 15 MB. If you exceed this limit, please adjust the size of your attachments and retry.

Learn more about required documents. 


See how to obtain your recent advising transcript.

Terms and conditions
Freedom of Information and protection of privacy

The information on this form is collected under the authority of the University Act (RSBC 1996, C.468, s.27[4a]). This information is needed, and will be used, to decide upon your appeal. The information may be shared with the Associate Director, Advising or designate for follow-up contact from an Academic Advisor. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, contact the Associate Registrar, Information, Records and Registration at 778.782.3198.