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Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA)

Simon Fraser University
Cornerstone Building
198 – 8960 University High Street
Burnaby, BC  V5A 4Y6

Tel: 778.782.6927

Reception: Office 198A
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 am- 5 pm


Our team

OFFA - Administration

Gino LeBlanc
e :
: 778.782.6981
: CSTN 198A

Overall administration of the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs

Fara Razafinarivo
e :
: 778.782.3714
: CSTN 198A

Budget administration; general office and personnel management

Rémi Marien
Associate Director of Operations
e :
: 778.782.9359
: CSTN 198A

Planning, coordination, supervision and control of operations of OFFA; partnership development

Administrative assistant
e :
: 778.782.6927
: CSTN 198A

General support to office administration, budget administration and office management

OFFA - Communications

Anne Marie Gagné
Manager - Communications,
Marketing & Engagement
e :
: 778.782.7645
: CSTN 198A

Management of communications, partnerships and promotion of programs, initiatives and events managed or supported by OFFA

Laurence Gagnon
Coordinator - Events & Communications
e :
: 778.782.7630
: CSTN 198C

Event coordination; website updates for OFFA; support to the communications team

Myriam Devlin
Student Recruiter
e :
: 778.782.7643
: CSTN 198C

Student recruitment for programs in French in both faculties (FASS and FoE) and support for student life initiatives.

OFFA – Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)

Rémi Léger
FCP Director,
Professor, Dept. of Political Science
e :
: 778.782.4250
: AQ 6056

Oversight and development of curricular aspects of the French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs (FCP); liaises with faculty members and students as well as with OFFA and FASS administrations

Rachelle Hiebert
FCP Student Advisor & Administrator
e :
: 778.782.6858
: CSTN 198C

Advising for registered and prospective students of the French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs (FCP); provides information on courses, requirements, exchange program

OFFA – Faculty of Education (FoE)

Isabelle Côté
Associate Director
e :
: 778.240.8642
: CSTN 198A

Coordination of the development and the delivery of programs in French at the FoE; liaises with faculty and community members

Christine Hutchins
Program Assistant
DELF-DALF Exam Center Coordinator
e :
: 778.782.7646
: CSTN 198A

Inquiries and administrative support for the programs in French at the FoE; administration of DELF-DALF exam center; website updates for OFFA-FoE

Shauna Nero
Coordinator - Provincial Network for Administrators and Teachers of French Programs
e :
: 778.782.5157
: CSTN 198C

Coordination of the provincial network for teachers of French programs in BC (Core French, French Immersion and Francophone programs)

Monica Tang
Coordinator - French L2 Identity Framework
e :
: 604.782.2858
: CSTN 198C

Offers identity support to students, student teachers and French teachers (FSL, Immersion and CSF) as well as professional development around the identity issues of learning and teaching French in a minority setting.