Electives in French

Your Electives en français

Is the program you’re interested in only offered in English?

Not a problem. Take some of your elective courses in French to maintain and continue to improve your language skills.


French elective courses are ideal for students with an intermediate level of French (e.g. graduates from French immersion, the Programme francophone, Core French 12, etc.). Some courses offer the flexibility of submitting your assignments and writing exams in the language of your choice (English or French), while others require you to do so only in French. Contact our student advisor for full details and to see if you are eligible to enroll.

Rachelle Hiebert
FCP Student Advisor & Administrator
Tel: 778.782.6858

Note that a language proficiency test may be requested before enrollment and that, in most cases, all course prerequisites must be met.

Courses offered in French for 2020-2021

Kill two birds with one stone:
Some of these elective courses go toward satisfying the WQB requirements that apply to all SFU students. Contact our student advisor for more details.

Fall 2020

Spring 2021

NEW Course offerings

Summer 2021

Student life in French

Remember that you can participate in French student life at SFU, no matter which program you are in.

Check out our list of must-attend events and opportunities to get involved in the French-speaking community. Be sure to subscribe to the "Vie étudiante" electronic newsletter and never miss a thing! Every month, this newsletter highlights activities and events taking place in French in Greater Vancouver, as well as professional opportunities for bilingual people.