Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Languages matter

By studying in French at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), you will benefit from a highly qualified teaching team who will push you to stretch your thinking and open you up to a multitude of World cultures using French as a first or second language.

Choosing to study in French at SFU also means having access (sometimes exclusively) to a multitude of awards and bursaries that can help you cover your university fees. Find out below what makes studying in French at FASS so exciting, stimulating and engaging!

French Cohort Program

  • Mutlidisciplinary program in Public and International Affairs
  • Taught in both of Canada's official languages (60%+ of courses offered in French)
  • Includes a 4 to 8 months student exchange in Europe or Quebec

Department of French

  • A vast array of Majors, Minors, Certificates and diplomas in Literature, Culture and Linguistics.
  • Access to Co-op Programs and Work Placements
  • Student exchanges in Europe and Quebec

Electives in French

  • Courses offered in French in a variety of subjects that can easily be integrated with your program of study