"Vie étudiante" Newsletter

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Here at SFU, French is much more than an academic language; it’s a living language! 

Every month, the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs team prepares an electronic newsletter to tell you about French-language activities and events taking place at SFU and beyond, as well as professional opportunities for bilingual people.

This newsletter is for ALL students and members of SFU’s community who wish to use their French outside the classroom.

No matter your level of French or your academic program, join our large multicultural community and experience the Francophone joie de vivre

Advertise in the Newsletter

Would you like to advertise an activity, event or job offer in the newsletter? Send us an email to and be sure to include:

  • the details of what you want to advertise
  • a URL link to which we can direct interested parties for further information

Keep in mind that this monthly newsletter is published the first week of the month. The content must be sent to us before the 25th of the previous month (e.g. send the content before September 25 in order to be in the October newsletter).

Note: OFFA reserves the right to publish only those activities and offers that are most relevant to the student population.