Please note that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and must follow SFU's directives and guidelines.  We will confirm as soon as possible if we will be able to offer the exam session in November as scheduled. The information will be updated on this page.  

Thank you for your patience. Stay safe.

SFU's DELF-DALF Exam Center offers two exam sessions per year, in March and November.

If you cannot take the exam in March or November, the Alliance française de Vancouver also offers an exam session in June.
The University of Victoria offers two exam sessions per year, in March (B1 and B2) and June (A2 to B2).

Upcoming exam sessions at SFU

Exam dates

Registration dates

November 4-7, 2020

Group tests
DELF B1 - Wednesday, November 4th at 9 am
DELF B2 - Thursday, November 5th at 9 am
DALF C1 - Friday, November 6th at 9 am

Individual tests
Individual oral tests are scheduled on the same day following the group test.  If and only if the number of candidates does not allow us to schedule tests the same day, the tests will be scheduled on the Saturday, November 7th or within two weeks of the group tests.

Registration starting in September 2020 (dates tbc)

The number of spots for each exam is limited. If there are no more spots available or if it is past the registration deadline, contact

Candidates cannot choose the date and time of their tests.


The location, dates, times and rooms of the exams will be sent to candidates by email.

Note: The exam sessions take place on one of the campuses: SFU Burnaby, SFU Vancouver (Harbour Centre) or SFU Surrey.  The location is confirmed before registration begins.  The last two sessions were held at SFU Surrey.










Your spot will be confirmed only after registration and payment of exam fees.

Can anyone take the exam?

The DELF tout public and the DALF are intended for adults and young adults whose first language is not French (born in a non French-speaking country and not in possession of a teaching certificate for secondary or postsecondary) and are seeking an assessment of their language proficiency for personal or professional reasons.

Candidates can take the same exam as many times as necessary, until they pass.
However, if you already obtained a diploma and want to take the same level exam again, you must agree to have your previous diploma revoked. A written statement is required before taking the exam. Once your previous diploma revoked, whether you pass or fail the exam subsequently, your previous diploma will no longer be valid.

Exams offered by the SFU DELF-DALF Examination Center are intended for current or future students at SFU or UBC.