Preparation for the Teacher Education Program (in French)

Teach in French in British Columbia

Explore some of the academic pathways you can choose to pursue a rewarding career teaching French or teaching in French.

Why should you study and teach in French?

  • There is a high demand in BC for teachers in the Francophone, French Immersion and Core French programs
  • French makes you stand out and increases your chances of landing a teaching job faster at the end of the program
  • Student exchange programs are available
  • You have access to bursaries or awards for studying in French

What are your options?

  • Teach French 
  • Teach a subject in French

How do you get a teaching certificate in British Columbia?

Step 1: Complete your Bachelor's Degree

Decide what you want to teach and choose the courses to complete your Bachelor's degree.

The prerequisites for teaching elementary and secondary are quite different. To teach at the elementary level, you are required to have general knowledge in several subjects, whereas to teach at the secondary level, you are required to focus on one or two teachable subjects.

Find out what prerequisite courses are required for admission into the teacher education programs to make sure that you include them in your undergraduate studies.

Maintain or improve your French language skills

SFU offers several options for you to maintain or improve your French language skills throughout your studies. In addition to your academic preparation, your level of French is key to choosing what and in which program you want to teach (Francophone, Immersion or Core French). You must demonstrate an appropriate level of French language competency to complete your application to the French Module of the teacher education program.

Explore the some of the options available:

Major in French
  • French language, literature, linguistic and cultural courses in French
  • Option: with concentration for prospective teachers including a combination of education and French courses and a term of study in France or Quebec
French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs
  • Combination of three study areas: Political Science, French and History
  • Taught in both of Canada's official languages (60% of the courses are taught in French)
  • One semester or a year of studies in Europe or Quebec
  • Ideal preparation for teaching social studies
Certificate in French-Education
  • French courses to improve your French language competency
  • Education courses focusing on the theory and methods of teaching languages in minority French contexts in British Columbia
Elective courses in French
  • Courses offered in French in a variety of subjects that you can combine with your academic concentration.
Student life in French at SFU
  • Activities and events where you can speak French beyond the classroom
  • "Student Life" newsletter to stay on top of job offers and other occasions to interact in French in your community
  • Wide range of services available to assist and support you during your studies in French at SFU
Student exchange and mobiity programs

Exchange and mobility programs are a great way to improve your French and have an unforgettable experience. Whether it's part of your study program or optional, such as Explore, Odyssey or TAPIF, discover the various options available.

Step 2: Teacher Education program: Professional Development Program (PDP) or Professional Linking Program (PLP) - French Module

Check out the PDP French Module website

The Professional Development Program - French Module is an intense 16-month program which will provide you with the knowledge and tools for a successful teaching career. The program combines seminars, a practicum in the Francophone community, courses and a long practicum in a school to get you prepared for your future profession.
PDP French Module website

Already working in a school in British Columbia? The Professional Linking Program (PLP) - French Module is for paraprofessional employees who want to make the leap into teaching. This 16-month program allows you to earn your teaching certificate while continuing to work.
PLP - French Module website


Make sure you meet the admission requirements

Attend a free information session to find out what the requirements are for admission to the PDP and PLP - French Module. These include professional experience, French language skills, academic prerequisites. You will get detailed information about the program and the application process.

We can help you!

Contact one of our advisors or assistants if you have any questions or need advice on your program of study:

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  • Major in French with Concentration for Prospective Teachers
  • Minor in French (to be combined with another teachable subject)
  • Certificate in French-Education
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  • French Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs
  • Elective courses in French
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  • Professional Development Program - French Module
  • Professional Linking Program - French Module