Neil Branda

Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier I, Joint Affiliations with 4D Labs

Areas of interest

Molecular Switching

Lab Information


Organic Materials

molecular switches, photochromism and electrochromism, molecular recognition and supramolecular chemistry

We are motivated by the vision of molecules as the components of nano-scale machines - machines that like their macroscopic counterparts, require controllable moving parts, ways to harvest and process energy, molecular circuitry, on-off switches, logic gates and information storage devices. Our research focuses on designing mechanisms to control structure and function relationships in molecules using molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry and molecular switching strategies.

Specific goals include:

the use of molecular switches triggered by light (photochromic) and electricity (electrochromic),
the use of allosteric cofactors to influence host-guest interactions, and
the self-assembly of new materials using hydrogen bonding and metal coordination.

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