Other Instruments

In addition to NMR and MS services, there are a variety of other scientific instruments available in the Department of Chemistry to support research activities. Scroll down to view the list of available instruments and their features.


ThermoFisher FlashSmart CHNS Elemental Analyzer

The FlashSmart CHNS Elemental Analyzer instrument provides the ability to determine C%, H%, N% and S% within their respective relative errors (listed below) at 960 °C.  

  • C% ± 0.71%
  • H% ± 1.53%
  • N% ± 0.98%
  • S% ± 0.98%

PerkinElmer DSC 6000

The DSC system is used for studying of phase transitions, such as melting, glass transitions, or exothermic decompositions.  The DSC 6000 measures the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference as a function of temperature.

  • MT-DSC (Modulated Temperature-DSC), enabling you to separate kinetic events and interpret data with greater ease
  • Scanning rates up to 0.1 °C to 100 °C for broad applications flexibility
  • Temperature range: -100 to 440 °C
  • Single-furnace uses Heat Flux measurement principle
  • 45-position autosampler

Agilent 6890 GC/FID and Agilent 6890 GC/MS

The Agilent 6890 is a state-of-the-art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. 

  • Equipped with Agilent 7683 series automatic liquid sampler
  • 100-vial tray
  •  Equipped with Agilent HP-5MS column

PerkinElmer Flexar LC

The Flexar LC is the HPLC system that you’ll count on day after day. The user interface is streamlined to improve the throughput and optimize operator safety. Flexar simplifies your process so you can focus on your application.

  • Flexar Quaternary LC pump operates up to 6100 psi (420 bar)
  • Solvent manager with integrated degasser
  • 100-vial tray with autosampler
  • Equipped with either a Brownlee C8 or C18 column
  • PDA detector with very low baseline noise (< 8 µAU) providing high sensitivity

Microscope FTIR PerkinElmer Spotlight 200i

The Spotlight 200i FT-IR Microscopy System is designed with state-of-the-art technology to allow for intelligent automation and sophisticated analysis capabilities. The system utilizes a high performance single-point detector to deliver the best sensitivity, while white light LED illumination provides superior visible images.

  • High quality spectral production from sample areas with diffraction limits as low as 10 microns 
  • Region of Interest (ROI) finding to allow for ease of analysis of multiple particles and layers all at once.

Potentiostat 1200C (CV)

The Model 1200C series is a computerized hand-held potentiostat/bipotentiostat. The instrument contains a digital function generator, a data acquisition system, and a potentiostat/bipotentiostat.  It is well suited for electroanalysis and sensor studies. The potential range is ± 2.4 V, and the current range is ± 2 mA. This series is capable of measuring current down to 100 pA. The steady state current of a 10 μm disk electrode can be readily measured.



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