Prospective undergraduate students

Broaden your understanding of modern chemistry - Collaborate and learn to think critically with scientists from diverse fields. Let your curiosity shine. 

Degree Programs

Learn about our major and minor options, from dedicated chemistry programs to interdisciplinary programs with departments like Physics, Earth Sciences, and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

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Careers in Chemistry

A BSc degree in chemistry from SFU sets students up for work in rewarding career paths. Search for the root of disease, design cancer-fighting drugs, optimize sustainable energy storage systems, create quantum devices for sensing, develop leading-edge computational methods and more.

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Admissions and Transferring

Find answers to all your admissions questions, whether you’re looking to join as a first-year student, are a current SFU student planning to change programs or an external transfer student.

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Research Opportunities

If you’re looking for laboratory experience, SFU offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in active research across a broad spectrum of chemistry areas.

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Financial Aid

Students pursuing a degree in chemistry at SFU have access to a wide range of awards and scholarships.

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Chemistry Co-op

Gain hands-on lab experience, build your professional network and explore career opportunities, all while pursuing your degree.

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Undergraduate Research at SFU

Performing research has enriched my learning experience in the degree by providing different perspectives of how the theories learned from courses are applied in research fields. I was able to hone my critical thinking and problem-solving skills by designing experiments and exchanging ideas with other graduate students. I also had the opportunity to be trained on instruments and programs used for characterizing and solving molecular structures, which are valuable skillsets for pursuing post-graduate studies.

- Jeffrey Cheung, BSc Chemistry Major and Mathematics Minor


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