Master of Science (MSc) Program

The MSc program is expected to be completed in 10 terms.  It is thus a program that offers a graduate-level education in Chemistry that is a somewhat shorter and less comprehensive alternative to the PhD program.  It is an excellent choice for those seeking a thorough preparation prior to embarking on a PhD degree at SFU.

Research Work -- Students must carry out research, write a thesis, and defend it in an oral examination.  The originality, length, and comprehensiveness of the thesis work is less than that demanded for the PhD degree.

Course Work -- MSc students are required to complete 12 credit hours of graduate-level coursework including CHEM 801 and CHEM 802.  An average grade of B or higher is necessary to continue in the program.

MSc Program

Learn more about the Chemistry MSc Program, including program requirements, program length, and other essential information, in the Academic Calendar.

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