Degree Programs

Major and Joint Major Programs

Chemistry Major programs provide students with a broad background in the theory and practice of chemistry. Elective options in the third- and fourth-years allow students to tailor their degree to fit their interests and includes the option to integrate undergraduate research.

»    Chemistry Major   (Accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry)
»    Chemical Physics Major
»    Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Joint Major
»    Chemistry and Earth Sciences Joint Major

Honours and Joint Honours Programs

Honours programs follow the same structure as Major programs, but with additional upper-division coursework and independent research. It is an excellent option for academically curious students and those who intend to pursue graduate studies in chemistry. 

»    Chemistry Honours   (Accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry)
»    Chemical Physics Honours
»    Joint Honours in Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
»    Joint Honours in Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Minor Programs

Add a complementary credential in chemistry or nuclear science with a Minor. Completion of the Minor programs include a selection of upper-division (300- and 400-level) electives along with lower-division prerequisites. 

What can I do with a degree in...?

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»    Chemistry
»    Nuclear Science
»    Chemical Physics