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Whether you’re curious about the fundamental aspects of matter or interested in exploring answers to every day questions through theoretical and practical work - find out why students like you study chemistry at SFU.

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Discover what it’s like to earn your chemistry degree at SFU. Find information about degree programs, co-op education, undergraduate research opportunities, and admissions guidance.

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Find all the information you need on matters like advising, registering for co-op, financial aid, and joining a research lab.

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Meet our students

When I transferred to SFU from college, I wanted to make the most out of being at a well established university. Studying abroad helped me appreciate how applicable the skills taught in my chemistry classes were, even on the other side of the world. I believe SFU Chemistry really emphasizes gaining skills applicable beyond chemistry, while providing a well-rounded chemistry program.

- Michelle Tong, BSc Chemistry Major, Science Co-operative Education 

It was a scary experience at first switching my major from criminology to chemistry, but I don't regret it at all. Studying chemistry at SFU has really opened doors for me and set me up for success post-graduation. My experience here has been great and definitely enhanced by doing the co-op program. One piece of advice I can give is get to know your professors, it's interesting to see how they got where they are and most if not all are willing to help you achieve your goals too!

- Mellissa Gentry, BSc Chemistry Major and Criminology Minor, Science Co-operative Education

I transferred into the CHEM/MBB joint major program in my third year because I had realized how interconnected chemistry and biology were to each other. Humans have separated chemistry and biology into two distinct fields, but this distinction is often blurred in the natural world. I have enjoyed learning about various scientific phenomena through both a chemical and a biological perspective. It has helped me appreciate how beautifully complicated and ornate our world is.

- Catherine Shin, BSc Chemistry and MBB Joint Honours, Educational Psychology Minor

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