Chemistry Undergraduate Research Presentation Award

The Chemistry Undergraduate Research Presentation Award gives students the opportunity to present their research at a recognized conference by contributing up to $500 toward travel and conference expenses.

Awardees are selected by the Chemistry Undergraduate Studies Committee following the oral research presentations held at the end of each term.

Award Winners

2024 Winners

Spring 2024

  • Chris Vinnick (NUSC 482) - "Data Analysis Obtained with a Bio-Sample Alpha Detector for Radiochemistry Studies on Living Cell Samples" - Supervisors: C. Andreoiu & P. Kunz
  • Micaela Horngren-Rhodes (CHEM 481) - "Fine Tuning of Niobium Oxide Coatings on Nickel-Based Electrocatalysts" - Supervisor: B. Gates

Honourable Mention

  • Daria Cirlan (CHEM 484) - "Synthesis and Applications of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Based Ionomers in the Catalyst Layer of CO2 Electrolysers" - Supervisor: S. Holdcroft

2023 Winners

Fall 2023

  • Daria Cirlan (CHEM 484) - "Synthesis and Applications of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Based Ionomers in the Catalyst Layer of CO2 Electrolysers" - Supervisor: S. Holdcroft
  • Omar Castro-Sandoval (CHEM 481) - "C-H Bond Activation Activity of Oxidized Manganese Salen Nitride Complexes" - Supervisor: T. Storr
  • Eliza Sparks (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis & Characterization of Lead-Free Multiferroic Materials with Enhanced Magnetizations" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Nicole Milne (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis and Characterization of Anti-Ferroelectric Solid Solution for Potential Energy Storage" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye

Summer 2023

  • Adlih Britton (NSERC USRA) - "Implication of Cation Characteristics on K2[Pt(SCN)4] Stacking" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Jordanne Burgess (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Sulfur-Rich Chelators for Complexation of  197m/g Hg" - Supervisor: C. Ramogida
  • William Ho (VPR USRA) - "Harnessing Stereochemically Active Lone Pairs to access Polar Dithiolate Complexes" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Benjamin Ma (CHEM 481) - "Multifunctional Metallochaperones for Reactivation of Mutant p53 Protein" - Supervisor: T. Storr
  • Allen Ovcina-Martinez (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis and Characterization of an Antiferroelectric Ternary Solid Solution System for Energy Storage Applications" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye

Spring 2023

  • Manzula Eijsberg (CHEM 481) - "Tuning the Colour of Chromium Phthalocyanines" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Joshua Yu (NUSC 482) - "Investigating Fusion Evaporation Reaction Rates for TIP Experiments at TRIUMF" - Supervisor: K. Starosta

2022 Winners

Fall 2022

  • Beatriz Tusi (NSERC USRA) - "Thin Film Characterization and Mechanisms for Capacitive Deionization of Conducting Polymer Electrodes" - Supervisor: L. Kaake

Summer 2022

  • Taylor Filewood (CHEM 484) - "Zeolite Nanoparticle and Nanosheet Synthesis for Future Use in Desalination Processes" - Supervisors: B. Gates & G. Agnes
  • Yejin Hailey Park (VPR USRA) - "C4 Alkylamine Modification of Nucleoside Analogues" - Supervisor: R. Britton
  • Myles Peeters (NSERC USRA) - "Spectroscopic Analysis of the Speciation of Casiopeina III Complexes" - Supervisor: C. Walsby
  • Mariya Konovalova (NSERC USRA) - "Various Studies of Hydrophobicity Using Silanized Superhydrophobic Cotton Fabric" - Supervisor: H. Yu
  • Brendan VanSpall (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis and Characterization of Piezo- and Ferroelectric Ceramics of a Novel Ternary Solid Solution" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Rebecca Gerber (NSERC USRA) - "Developing the Production of 18F via Neutron Double Knockout: A Potential Low-cost, Cyclotronless Alternative" - Supervisor: K. Starosta

Spring 2022

  • Johnny Nguyen (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis of L-quinic acid from D-quinic acid" - Supervisor: A. Bennet
  • Lucas London (CHEM 482) - "Characterization of Main Group and Organometallic Molecules Using Muon Spectroscopy" - Supervisor: I. McKenzie

2021 Winners

Fall 2021

  • Jonathan Hui (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Ion Exchange Membrane - HMT-PMBI" - Supervisor: S. Holdcroft
  • Alex Rea (CHEM 481) - "Self-cleaning linear ridge structures on nickel catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction" - Supervisor: B. Gates; (CHEM 482) - "A literature study: potential of zeolite-based materials for desalination" - Supervisors: B. Gates & G. Agnes
  • Amber Lin (CHEM 483) - "Synthesis, Characterization, Structural and Phase Analysis of Novel Antiferroelectric Solid Solution" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Sveta Chen (CHEM 482) - "Review on Recent Development of High-Performance Piezo-/Ferroelectric Materials" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye

Summer 2021

  • Sveta Chen (CHEM 481) - "Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of a Piezo-/Ferroelectric Perovskite Solid Solution with high Curie Temperature (TC)" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Crystal Deng (CHEM 481) - "Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Quantum Paraelectric Modified Multiferroic Materials" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Thomas Karpiuk (CHEM 481) - "Cyanometallate-Based Coordination Polymers of the F-Block Metals" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff; (NUSC 482) - "Radiopharmaceuticals and Pancreatic Cancer: Current Progress and Future Prospects" - Supervisor: C. Ramogida
  • Lucas London (CHEM 481) - "Tuning Stability and Reactivity of Cr oxo Complexes via Ancillary Ligand Electronics" - Supervisor: T. Storr
  • Jessy Ruan (VPR USRA) - "Synthesis and characterization of structure and physical properties of organic-inorganic mixed-cation halide perovskite" - Supervisor: Z-G. Ye
  • Jody Tao (NSERC USRA) - "Microenvironment Effects on Multi-step Electron Transfer Through Tyrosine" - Supervisor: J. Warren

Spring 2021

  • Kaitlin Branch (CHEM 484) - "Positional Effects on the CO2 Reduction Activity of Hydroxyphenyl- Substituted Porphyrins"  - Supervisor: J. Warren
  • Steven Kidd (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis of Metallophthalocyanine N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Jacob Syme (CHEM 481) - "Strong Coupling Light-Matter Interactions" - Supervisor: G. Leach
  • Alex Woinoski (CHEM 484) - "Neutron activation analysis using GEARS detector" - Supervisor: K. Starosta

2020 Winners

Fall 2020

  • Anthony Giang (CHEM 482) - "Desalination with Graphene Oxide: Promising Nanomaterials for Next-Generation Desalination Systems" - Supervisors: G. Agnes, B. Gates
  • Jeffrey Cheung (CHEM 481) - "Vapochromic Response of Heterobimetallic Gold(I) Dithiolate Coordination Polymers" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Rory Stokes (CHEM 481) - "Identifying nuclear energy levels in Sn-118 using gamma ray spectroscopy" - Supervisor: C. Andreoiu
  • Gurprince Cheema (VPR USRA) - "Pushing non-linear optics to efficiency: Role of molybdenum oxide (MoOx) based plasmonic materials" - Supervisor: B. Gates

Summer 2020

  • Catherine Shin (CHEM 481) - "A New Feature Found in the Second Coordination Sphere of Met-ligated Copper Proteins" - Supervisor: J. Warren
  • Saeid Farzaneh (CHEM 484) - "Ruthenium Organometallic Analogues of the Chemotherapeutic Tamoxifen" - Supervisor: C. Walsby
  • Brooke Reid (CHEM 482) - "Encouraging Academic Momentum Through Chem 332" - Supervisor: J. Warren
  • Jeffrey Cheung (CHEM 482) - "Coordination Chemistry of Extended Network Structures" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Sam Wang (CHEM 482) - "Roles of Additives in Improving Performance Merits of Gel Polymer Electrolyte" - Supervisor: B. Gates

Spring 2020

  • Lexi Gower-Fry (CHEM 484) - "Synthesis and Characterization of Macrocyclic Sulfur-rich Ligands for 197m/gHg Radiolabeling" - Supervisor: C. Ramogida

2019 Winners

Fall 2019

  • Nealan Gerrebos (CHEM 481) - "Self-Assembly of Sterically Encumbered Discotic Mesogens" - Supervisor: V. Williams; (CHEM 483) - "Organometallic Ruthenium Complexes Targeting Antibacterial Activity” - Supervisor: C. Walsby

Summer 2019

  • Margaret Hurst (CHEM 482) - "Self-Assembly of Columnar Liquid Crystals from Nonplanar Molecules" - Supervisor: V. Williams
  • Kaitlin Branch (NSERC USRA) - "Investigating the Biological Activity of Ruthenium Cymene Complexes Bearing Substituted Phenol Benzimidazole Ligands" - Supervisor: C. Walsby
  • Ian Chagunda (NSERC USRA) - "Development of Bimetallic Ruthenium Complexes for Targeted Anti-Cancer Activity" - Supervisor: C. Walsby

Spring 2019

  • Daniel Turner Scutt (CHEM 481) - "Ruthenium Arène Complexes with Phenol Benzimidazole Ligands Targeting Anti-Cancer Activity” - Supervisor: C. Walsby
  • Danielle Vu (CHEM 481) - "Self-Assembly of Ester Substituted Dibenzophenazine-Based Liquid Crystals and Ether-Bridged Dimers" - Supervisor: V. Williams
  • Aryan Houshmand (CHEM 484) - "Bridging Bioactive Molecules to Ferrocene for Antimicrobial Activity" - Supervisor: C. Walsby

2018 Winners

Fall 2018

  • Matthew Tung (CHEM 484) - "Selective Release of Biologically Active Ligands in Hypoxic Environments using Cobalt Complexes as Chaperones" - Supervisor: C. Walsby
  • Fabian Ortiz (CHEM 481) - "Exploiting Vapochromic Gold Complexes for Sensing Ammonia" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff

Summer 2018

  • Danaan Cordoni-Jordan (NSERC USRA) - "Muon Spin Spectroscopy of Radicals from Muon Addition to 6,6-Dimethylfulvene" - Supervisor: P. Percival
  • Ana Sonea (NSERC USRA) - "In situ Optical Microscopy of Structured Nickel Electrodes for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction" - Supervisor: B. Gates
  • Jiayue Chen (CHEM 481) - "Probing Ni Surface Wettability by Investigations in Gas Contact Angle Measurements " - Supervisor: B. Gates

Spring 2018

  • Allison Jussila (CHEM 484) - "New Redox-Active Anticancer Ru(III) Pyridyl-Benzimidazole Complexes" - Supervisor: C. Walsby

2017 Winners

Summer 2017

  • Hannah van der Roest (NSERC USRA) - "Electron Flow in Photosensitizer Modified Metalloproteins" - Supervisor: J. Warren

Spring 2017

  • Mikayla Louie (CHEM 481) - "Structured Ni Electrodes with Surface Decorated Fe-Ni Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction" - Supervisor: B. Gates
  • Mackenzie Field (CHEM 481) - "Investigation of Artificial Electron Transfer Wires in Heme Proteins" - Supervisor: J. Warren

2016 Winners

Fall 2016

  • Anish Verma (CHEM 484) - "Impact of single-nucleon degrees of freedom on the nuclear Jahn-Teller effect” - Supervisor: K. Starosta

Summer 2016

  • Myles Scollon (CHEM 481) - "Study of Radicals Formed by Muonium Addition to Allenes by Muon Spin Spectroscopy" - Supervisor: P. Percival
  • Leah Harrison (NSERC USRA) - "Measuring Ultrafast Photoconductivity with Time Resolved Nonlinear Optics" - Supervisor: L. Kaake
  • Sara Wollschlaeger (CHEM 481) - "Highly Emissive Metal Coordination Polymers for Sensing of Volatile Compounds" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff
  • Dallas Strandell (CHEM 481) - "Preparation and Characterization of Planar and Nanostructured Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts" - Supervisor: G. Leach

2015 Winners

Fall 2015

  • Jasmine Bhangu (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis of Heteroatomic Analogues of Xyloketal A" - Supervisor: P. Wilson

Summer 2015

  • Margarita Gladkikh (CHEM 483) - "Percolation Model of Fracture in Polymer Electrolyte Membranes" - Supervisor: M. Eikerling
  • Carson Zellman (NSERC USRA) - "Analysis of Folded Dimers and their Liquid Crystalline Properties" - Supervisor: V. Williams

2014 Winners

Fall 2014

  • Iris Guo (CHEM 481) - "Optimizing Solution Based Synthesis of Anisotropic Gold Nanoparticles" - Supervisor: B. Gates

Summer 2014

  • Cameron Hodgins (NSERC USRA) - "Carbide Coatings for Radioactive Ion Beam Target Containers at TRIUMF" - Supervisor: C. Andreoiu
  • Yingzi Feng (CHEM 481) - "Solution-phase Synthesis of Gold Nanowires on Spherical Anion Exchanging Resin" - Supervisor: B. Gates

Spring 2014

  • Jon Husband (CHEM 481) - "Reduction potential tuning, substrate binding, and catalysis in modified cytochrome c552" - Supervisor: J. Warren
  • Kevin Goodman (CHEM 481) - "Synthesis of bis(benzimidazole)pyridine (BBP) and terpyridine based cyanometallate coordination polymers towards luminescent and birefringent materials" - Supervisor: D. Leznoff